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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and related fields have been ubiquitously improving our living societies. The National AI Campus is a collaborative and project-based learning initiative to leverage AI and ML for teaching and learning on various campuses. It is based on the concept of no-boundary thinking and aims at developing human infrastructure at the frontier of bioinformatics, advanced data science, machine learning and AI, as part of this broader mission to address research challenges without the boundary of disciplines.

The AI Campus program was founded by Dr. Xiuzhen Huang at the Arkansas State University in 2018 and has been extended into a National AI Campus program. The CSUDH AI Campus is developed to equip our students with skills and knowledge for them to apply AI and ML technologies in their future career and research. In the semester of Fall 2023, the National AI Campus team and the CSUDH MSCS program collaborated to provide MSCS students at CSUDH opportunities to apply their cutting-edge knowledge studied in CSUDH in the real-life data sets provided by the AI Campus team to gain hands-on experiences of AI applications. There are 28 MSCS students participating in this project and working on 6 different topics with 4 or 5 students on each topic.

1. Genetics SNP data simulation: Predicting a binary outcome in simulated genomic data.
2. Cancer genomics: machine learning for cancer sub-typing with RNAseq data.
3. Brain imaging: deep learning in Brain tumor with MRI data.
4. Cancer imaging: TCIA segmentation: Segmentation Anything Model (SAM) vs customized model.
5. Cancer text: cancer classification with large language model with pathology text.
6. Self-driving car project.

The AI Campus coach team guided our students in their research process and helped solve various difficulties students faced. By the end of the semester, except 2 students requesting to extend their projects to next semester, 26 students had completed their projects on time.

On Dec. 8, 2023, the first CSUDH AI Campus showcase was held, during which 6 students selected from each topic orally presented their results, and other 20 students had poster presentations.

This collaboration between AI Campus teams and CSUDH continues in Spring 2024. There are about 40 MSCS students participating in the different AI and ML projects. As it is approaching to the end of the semester, the second CSUDH AI Campus showcase will be held on May 6, 2024. Here is the showcase agenda.

AI Campus Event

AI Campus 2024

AI Campus Showcase Spring 2024

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Dr. Mohsen Beheshti –, Professor, CS Department Chair, CSUDH
Dr. Jack Han –, Professor of Computer Science, CSUDH
Dr. Bin Tang –, Professor of Computer Science, CSUDH

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