Jon Hauss

Dr. Jon Hauss

Professor of English


Jon Hauss
Professor of English
Specialties: American Literature; Literary Theory


LCH B339


Jon Hauss teaches American literature and literary theory, with courses on American Moderns, 1960s Postmoderns, Melville, Poe, Lacan, Film Noir, Postwar Paperbacks, and Spaghetti Westerns. He was formerly tenured professor of English at Rhode Island College and for two years Senior Fulbright Scholar at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. Dr. Hauss was honored at Dominguez Hills with the 2009 Lyle E. Gibson Distinguished Teaching Award. His writing has appeared in Studies in the NovelNew Orleans Review, Literature and Psychology, Arizona Quarterly, Narrative, English Language Notes, Western Humanities Review, Thought and Action, and anthologies by Open Court and Routledge Press. His prizewinning story “Plagiarism” appeared in Narrative Magazine in Spring 2017.


Selected Recent Publications:

“The Lazy Man’s Gaze: Big Other in The Big Lebowski.” Philosophy and The Big Lebowski. Chicago: Open Court Press. (Forthcoming)

“Plagiarism.” Narrative Magazine. Winter Story Contest Winner. Spring 2017.

Selected Recent Presentations:

Keynote Address, “Parody & Paradox,” Enjambed Release Party. CSUDH, Spring 2018.

Undergraduate Courses Taught:

ENG 110


ENG 230

A Fistful of Fiction


For a Few Fictions More


Modernism as Equipment for Living

ENG 305

Critical Reading of Literature

ENG 307

Practice in Literary Criticism

ENG 340

American Literature to 1865

ENG 341

American Literature from 1865

ENG 344

“Rememory” and African American Literature

ENG 347

Literature of Ethnicity & Gender: American Immigrant Novels

ENG 350

Advanced Composition

ENG 477

Paperback Writers, 1960s & 70s

ENG 490

Chants Democratic


American Gothic


Edgar Allan Poe


The Slave’s Narrative




Inc.: Writing & Capital circa 1900


American Moderns


The Postmoderns

ENG 494

1930s Working Class Writers

Graduate Seminars Taught:

ENG 501

Advanced Studies in Literature

ENG 545

Discord: Freud, Marx, Nietzsche & Literary Theory

ENG 552

Chants Democratic


American Gothic


Edgar Allan Poe & American Empire


The Slave’s Narrative


Melville & “Ruthless Democracy”


Inc.: Writing & Capital circa 1900

ENG 555

American Moderns


Toni Morrison, William Faulkner, & American Memory


The Postmoderns: 1960s


A Fistful of Fiction


For a Few Fictions More