CSUDH has a well-established Mission statement that spells out the principal goals driving the university. The English department of course upholds this Mission statement in a variety of ways. Below we list the themes from the University’s mission, and show the corresponding more specific goals of the English department.

University Missions Department Missions
Promote "Communiversity" Serve the immediate area by preparing teachers and scholars
Promote a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic teaching and learning community Remain committed to recruiting a diverse range of students and faculty
Promote international perspectives Maintain a curriculum that includes works of literature and linguistic analyses originating outside the U.S.
Promote excellence and pluralism in higher education Prepare students to think perceptively, write effectively, and think critically

Develop and maintain a curriculum that celebrates diversity in literature and language

Address contemporary social concerns Remain committed to the investigation of social issues as represented in modern works of literature and contemporary linguistic studies
Remain committed to teaching, learning, research, scholarship, and creative activity. Maintain a strong Subject-Matter Preparation Program in English to and service prepare high-quality secondary teachers

Maintain strong classes that support Liberal Studies' aim of preparing high-quality K-8 teachers

Support student and faculty research to the fullest extent possible

Give future ESL teachers appropriate background and training