MA Teaching English as Second Language (TESL)

Announcements for TESL MA Graduate Students

Welcome to CSUDH. The following items provide information that should help you in making your academic plans.

GWAR Requirement

IMPORTANT! You are asked to fulfill the university's writing requirement as soon as possible upon entering the TESL program, certainly within your first year of graduate studies. You may meet this requirement by either taking the Graduate Writing Exam (GWE) or by obtaining a grade of B or better in English 350 (Advanced Composition). International students are highly recommended to take ENG 350 rather than the GWE. To get information on the GWE call (310)243-3635 or visit the Testing Office (WH 210-A) on campus, or sign-up online through the Testing Office webpage. If you are a Graduate Student: In case a hold has been placed on ENG 350 registration, please call the University Advisement Center (UAC) to have the hold lifted. You may call UAC at (310)243-3538 or visit them in WH 220.

Comprehensive Exams

Students planning to take the MA Comprehensive Exams and to graduate in the Fall term should meet with the TESL coordinator during the first weeks of the Fall term and sign up for ENG 594. Please check back for the next scheduled exams.

ENG 311 (Phonology), ENG 312 (Morphology), ENG 315 (GT Syntax)

PLEASE NOTE that the 3 prerequisite courses: ENG 311, ENG 312, ENG 315 can be taken on a Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) basis. If a graduate student takes the class under this basis and earns the equivalent of a grade of C or higher, they earn a CR. If the student does not earn at least a C in the class, he or she earns a NC. This arrangement can be sensible one for some students. If a student takes the class with the normal grading option and ends up with a grade of B- or lower, that hurts the student's GPA. (Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 or better to avoid academic probation). A grade of CR doesn't affect one's GPA wither positively or negatively. If you want to use the CR/NC option, you need to download the form from the Admissions Records website or obtain a form from the Admissions Records office. Signature needs to be obtained from the instructor.

THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE THE SECOND WEEK OF CLASSES! If you do not meet that deadline, the only option left for the courses would be traditional grading.

We hope you enjoy the semester. Feel free to contact us about your TESL program concerns: