Academic Advisement

Department Advisors

All of our full-time faculty serve as academic advisors. Students may either choose their own advisors, or they may be assigned to advisors. Students who would like to be assigned to an advisor should come to the department office for assistance. You may call us at (310) 243-3322 or visit us in LCH E315. Walk-ins are welcome!

Dr. Debra Bestdbest@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, E-309(310) 243-3943
Dr. Thomas Giannottitgiannotti@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, A-334(310) 243-3930
Dr. Mara Graysonmgrayson@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-326(310) 243-3942
Dr. Jon Haussjhauss@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-339(310) 243-3928
Dr. Roderik Hernandezrhernandez@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-324(310) 243-1044
Dr. Kimberly Huthkhuth@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-322(310) 243-1081
Dr. Andrew Kalaidjianakaladjian@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-334(310) 243-1047
Dr. Jane Leejlee@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-320(310) 243-3962
Dr. Burckhard Mohrbmohr@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-337(310) 243-3938
Dr. Siskanna Nayanahasnayanha@csudh.eduNorth Library, Room 5506(310) 243-3359
Dr. Helen Oesterheldoesterheld@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall B-344(310) 243-3359
Dr. David Shermandsherman@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-333(310) 243-3932
Dr. Ed Zoernerezoerner@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall B-335(310) 243-3944