Academic Advisement

All students should seek advising at least once during the semester, especially those who anticipate graduating soon. All tenured and tenure-track faculty do advising (see below), so one of the instructors for your upper division major classes should be able to help you (with a few exceptions). Worksheets are available from the department office and online on the Undergraduate Program pages.

Trying to decide between the English Literature and the English Education major? The English Literature major is 39 units, whereas the English Education major is 56 units. The English Education major is a certified program that gives future middle and high school English teachers subject matter certification with the additional submission of a portfolio and interview. English Literature majors who wish to teach high school will instead have to take and pass the CSET.

English Literature Majors or Minors

Please contact your advisor via email (all tenure and tenure-track faculty do advising). We can do grad checks and tell you what major classes you need over email.

English Education Majors

General advising can be done by all tenure and tenure-track faculty (see the information for English Literature majors). For those of you seeking subject matter certification, Dr. Hernandez ( will accept portfolios and reflective essays via email, conduct interviews, and make sure the certification paperwork is completed. The portfolio should consist of three to five essays, exams, or projects from your coursework and indicate what you have learned in the program. The reflective essays should be approximately 3-4 pages and should discuss what the portfolio shows and reflect upon your time in the English program at Dominguez Hills. The portfolio and interview are not required for graduation, but you will need subject matter certification to receive your teaching credential.

Language and Linguistic Majors or Minors:

Please contact Dr. Mantenuto ( with any advising questions or concerns.

M.A. Literature & Rhet/Comp

Please contact with any questions for concerns and consult the graduate programs page for any updates.

M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Please contact Dr. Mantenuto at ( with any questions.

If you are having difficulty scheduling the English classes that you need to graduate, please contact Dr. Kalaidjian (

General Education Advising

Please contact the Student Success Center, the University Advisement Center, or your EOP/ETE advisor.

Department Advisors

Dr. Debra Bestdbest@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, E-309(310) 243-3322Professor
Dr. Rod Hernandezrhernandez@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-324(310) 243-1044Associate Professor
Dr. Randolph Cauthenccauthen@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-336(310) 243-3931Professor
Dr. Timothy Chintchin@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, E-315(310) 243-3322Professor
Dr. Thomas Giannottitgiannotti@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-332(310) 243-1048Professor
Dr. Mara Graysonmgrayson@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-326(310) 243-3942Assistant Professor
Dr. Jon Haussjhauss@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-339(310) 243-3928Professor
Dr. Kimberly Huthkhuth@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-322(310) 243-1081Associate Professor
Dr. Andrew Kalaidjianakaladjian@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-334(310) 243-1047Assistant Professor
Dr. Jane Leejlee@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-320(310) 243-3962Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Iara Mantenutoimantenuto@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-335(310) 243-3944Assistant Professor, TESL Coordinator
Dr. Siskanna Nayanahasnayanha@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5506(310) 243-3359Associate Professor
Dr. Helen Oesterheldoesterheld@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall B-344(310) 243-3939Associate Professor
Dr. David Shermandsherman@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-333(310) 243-3932Professor