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Facilities Services is a department within the Division of Administration and Finance whose responsibility is to meet the university's ever-changing needs for facility maintenance and custodial services. We provide routine and special services to the campus efficiently and hospitably. We strive to effectively operate the facilities so a safe, clean, comfortable, and functional environment is provided to enhance learning and working throughout the CSUDH community. We invite you to learn more about the department through our online home.

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Our Mission

The mission of the CSUDH Facilities Services Department is to achieve excellence throughout the physical environment in support of the mission of the university. We achieve excellence through our leadership, teamwork, and commitment to continuous improvement in responding to and anticipating our customers' current and emerging needs.

Facilities Services is dedicated to keeping the campus attractive and conducive to student learning, faculty research, teaching, and staff activities through the maintenance of its physical facilities and grounds areas, and by providing quality customer service to the CSUDH community.

Our Objectives

Sustain a high-performance work culture

Our staff will remain responsive to customer needs. We will maintain a work culture that enables and encourages employees to perform at their highest potential and to operate in a proactive, innovative, and values-driven manner. We will always recognize the abilities of our employees as a cornerstone to our success, by supporting professional development and cross-training. We will continue to build and maintain our credibility through our emphasis on quality and responsiveness as the key components to every facet of our jobs.

Use resources effectively

We will continue to use and establish a variety of management strategies to ensure that financial resources are deployed as effectively as possible, from hiring and retaining a high-performance workforce to continuously improving our administrative and business processes. We will strive to balance competitive costs with quality service deliveries; work at holding contractors to the same standards against which we measure ourselves; and employ measurements and benchmarks to evaluate the quality of our work products, the efficiency of our operation, and our levels of responsiveness. 

Continuously meet or exceed our customers' expectations

Facilities Services recognizes that quality customer service is the key building block of strategic direction. We will continue to improve customer service, with an emphasis on our staff being even more proactive in asking customers about their needs and listening to customers to better understand about their needs; integrate and use advancements in technology to better serve customers; and develop innovative, accessible, accurate, and timely communications systems.

Design, develop, and deliver customer-sensitive services

Our staff will ultimately maintain a service atmosphere that is responsive to customers’ needs. We will provide an environment for work and learning that encourages and values customer and employee input, promotes teamwork and flexibility across all levels and functions, maintains a commitment to safety, encourages unity, and makes coming to work -- and learning -- enjoyable.

Maintain a positive public identity and relationship with customers

Recognizing that customers are the key to Facilities Services' success, we will demonstrate a positive image of a trustworthy, equitable, cost-effective, and well-managed organization. Our management team will lead by example and maintain its credibility by treating customers and staff fairly and with consistency; by being open to new ideas; by embracing the diversity of the work force and integrating it into the department culture; and by demonstrating its commitment to this vision.

Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Location: Facilities Services Building
Map to Building 80 [PDF]

Contact Information
(310) 243-3804
Fax: (310) 928-7352

Director, Facilities Services
Jonathan Scheffler