Work Control Center

At Facilities Services, the Work Control Center is the hub of our operations. All requests for routine, non-routine, and emergency services are coordinated through this unit. The Work Control Center staff processes all work requests from inception to completion, including all chargeback invoices. No work can be initiated by Facilities Services until a work order is issued, unless it is an emergency or safety issue.

Facilities Services employs a computer-based system that is utilized to provide preventive maintenance on a planned and scheduled basis. Preventive maintenance is periodically scheduled work that provides adjustments, cleaning, minor repairs, and routine inspections of equipment and facilities to ensure they are in good working condition, and to reduce interruptions of service. 

If you need work in your area, please complete a Work Request Form. Fill in the required information and submit to the Work Control Center. After the request is submitted, a 5-digit number is generated acknowledging receipt of the request. (This is NOT the work order number.) Once the request is approved, a work order number will be sent to you. When your work order is authorized, depending on the work to be done, it will either be forwarded to the appropriate Facilities Services trade to perform the work, or sent to a project estimator. If an existing work order needs to be revised, send an email to the Work Control Center at Please be sure to include the work order number in your email. 

To understand how work orders are classified and prioritized, refer to the Work Order Assignment Types page.

To learn more about chargeback fees and estimates, visit the Chargebacks Fees and Estimates page.

The Work Control Center can answer most of your questions regarding the status of work orders and chargeback services, as well as provide general information about Facilities Services.

For emergencies occurring after normal operating hours, contact University Police at (310) 243-3639. University Police will notify the appropriate Facilities Services personnel about the emergency situation.

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