Chargebacks Fees and Estimates

Chargeback FeesChargeback fees are primarily charged for all non-routine services (e.g., moving and/or assembly of office furniture, hanging pictures/whiteboards, and installing dedicated electrical circuits) that are provided by Facilities Services. Auxiliary departments are charged for all routine and non-routine work orders completed.

Chargeback Estimates: Chargeback fee estimates are provided by Facilities Services to a requesting department via the online Work Request Form, and are valid for thirty (30) working days. If the requesting department would like the requested work to be scheduled, the chargeback estimate must be returned with the account number to be charged and an appropriate department head's authorized signature.

Chargeback estimates will also be provided for your planned campus event. To obtain a cost estimate from Facilities Services, submit a Work Request Form as usual. In the description field, please include the words "Estimate Needed." When the estimate is prepared, you will receive a hard-copy for your review and approval.  

The Work Control Center welcomes your calls regarding chargebacks, chargeback estimates, and the status of your work order requests.

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