Receiving & Logistical Services

Receiving and Mail Services

We are responsible for receiving and delivery of all goods (except direct delivery) ordered by the University and Foundation via all carriers listed below. Logistics also oversees Campus Stores, which stocks paper, water, and limited office supplies. 


  • U.S. Postal Services
  • Common Carrier
  • UPS
  • Golden State Overnight
  • On-Trac
  • Federal Express
  • Airborne
  • DHL

Logistical Services

Scope: The following procedures have been implemented to expedite and streamline operating procedures within the Logistics and Support Staff

Mission: Provide optimum service in the Logistics and Support Services area, and provide an accumulation of versatile services to meet the needs of a growing campus.


1. Incoming shipments: Are scanned upon arrival from the courier and the information is downloaded into the SQBX system with location, requester, and other important information. Incoming shipments without visible purchase orders on the parcel or packing slip shall be dealt with in the following manner: trying to locate the end user, contacting the vendor, contacting the Procurement and Contracts office, or using the campuswide email system. If these attempts fail, the item is returned or forwarded to the Procurement and Contracts department, where further research is done. If the end user cannot be located, the item is returned to the vendor. This procedure has been effective since its implementation and has improved deliveries. 

2. Receivers/Accounting: SRR's are normally processed daily. This implementation of daily reconciliation has reduced phones calls from Accounting requesting information. Partial shipments are received and denoted to Accounting for partial payment. 

3. RMA- Returns: All items scheduled to be returned are checked weekly. Note: Items are picked up at the Buyer's request on a "Pick-up item slip" and stored in Receiving until an RMA is received by the Buyer and given to Receiving for shipment back to the vendor.

4. Property Tags: Asset Management and Receiving shall work very closely together to ensure the tracking of capitalized and sensitive items. Currently, we maintain property records for Foundation, ASI, LSU, and State equipment. They are designated by different colors, so the items are recognizable on sight. When asset items are received, they are tagged accordingly by Asset Management, then input into the Asset Management system for appropriate tracking. Property is tagged in two categories: A) As prescribed by SAM and B) Sensitive items, which are deemed by the university as being less than $5000, but that are attractive and highly portable.

5. Warehouse and Delivery Security: Normally the Receiving Warehouse is designated for authorized personnel only. Unauthorized personnel are normally guided through the area. Normally, deliveries are made in a locked caged cart or truck. The items are delivered to the department or person listed on the PO, then proof of delivery and the receipt signature is captured electronically on SQBX handheld. Receiving Services prefers not to leave undelivered items in the Warehouse over a weekend period. This reduces the probability of theft over the weekend.

Inventory Stores Policy & Procedures Manual

Mail & Logistical Services:

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday,
7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Location: Physical Plant
Map to Building 80 [PDF]

Questions or concerns can be directed to:

Logistical Services Supervisor
Dino Hernandez
(310) 243-3793

Property Clerk II, Logistics Services
Angel Garcia
(310) 243-2376