Work Order Assignment Types

Assignment of Work Orders: Types and Priorities

Most work requests are fairly straightforward in terms of how they are classified and prioritized. Occasionally, an unusual request or situation might require some flexibility or exception to routine processing. If this is the case, Work Control Center representatives will attempt to obtain additional information from the initiator of the request. Requests will receive priority attention based on health and safety concerns and the overall mission of the university.

Category 1 - Health and Safety Emergencies

If the situation is hazardous to life, health, and property, call the Work Control Center at (310) 243-3587 or 3804.

If the emergency occurs before or after Facilities Services' normal business hours, please call University Policy at (310) 243-3639.

Category 2 - Routine Work Orders

Requests for routine work can be called or faxed in to the Work Control Center. The requesting department is usually not charged for these services.

  • Custodial Services: Restroom out of supplies; emergency clean up required; soap dispenser out of order
  • Diffuser: Broken or hanging
  • Door: Exit device problems such as a door jam, misalignment, or will not close; plate loose or missing
  • Electrical: Fuse blown; no power in outlet; circuit breaker tripped
  • Elevator: Out of order or not working properly
  • Fumes or unusual odors
  • Graffiti: Removal
  • Grounds: Broken sprinkler heads; sprinklers will not shut off
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning: Too hot or too cold
  • Lock Repair: Key broken in lock; Locknetic locks not working
  • Lighting: Master lights, i.e., interior/exterior/parking lots not working properly; hallway or office bulbs need to be changed
  • Plumbing: Faucet, sink, toilet plugged or leaking
  • Master Clock System: Clock does not have the correct time or not working properly
  • Pests: Ants, bees/wasps, mice, roaches
  • Roof leaks
Category 3 - Non-Routine Work Orders

Requests for non-routine work must be submitted via the online Work Request Form.

  • Carpentry: Furniture building (e.g., bookcases, etc.)
  • Electrical: Services for special events; re-wiring and outlet installation
  • Events: Set up
  • Furniture: Moves and changes; set up tables and chairs for special events
  • Installation: Paintings, plaques, and signs
  • Locks: Changed or re-keyed
  • Packing Boxes
  • Painting: Special painting and cleaning (excluding graffiti removal)
  • Remodel and Alterations
  • Signs: Making and installation of name and desk signs; door plates; engraving

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