Brand Overview

California State University, Dominguez Hills needs to present a consistent identity to ensure instant recognition of our brand among a wide variety of audiences around the world. Our visual identity is the graphic expression of who we are and what we represent. It has a major role to play in promoting a consistent and positive image of the university.

The visual expression of the CSUDH brand includes images and photography, graphic elements, and the design approach used to communicate who we are. As with all successful brands, the visual personality of our communications — across all mediums and departments — must be consistent, cohesive, and instantly recognizable as ours. Presented here are the core visual expressions of the CSUDH brand, meant to serve as your visual and design guideposts for all communications you produce.

CSUDH brand messages represent the voice of different constituents who have made a connection with the university, with positive and often life-changing results. Through the use of quotes and first-person perspectives, we give our brand immediacy, warmth, and authenticity.

While the CSUDH brand program should remain consistent across all communications, it should also be adapted for each audience segment through appropriate use of first-person quotes and messaging most relevant to them.

By applying these CSUDH brand guidelines, we can all make our communications clear, consistent, and professional. Together, we will be able to convey and promote the academic excellence and cultural significance of the university.

These guidelines provide the tools to create a necessary visual uniformity among the rich diversity that is contained within CSUDH.