Brand Ambassadors

Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, Donors, and Supporters

You are the Brand! The strength of our CSUDH Brand program rests not only with the way we execute it in ads, on billboards, inside brochures, and online. It also rests with you. What can you do to ensure that our brand reaches our audiences with the right message? Start here.

Spread the Word

Make sure every staff member in your department understands the brand and the key messages behind it. When they understand who we are and what we stand for, so will the people they serve.

Be a Filter

Keep off-brand messages from getting out there. Be on the lookout for any communications that weaken the university’s brand and reputation.

Live the Brand

Don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Support and reinforce our brand attributes in all your actions, not just your communications.

Share Your Voice

Our brand is a living, breathing thing. It will continue to evolve as we grow and expand our voice to represent and reach more people. Contribute your voice as well. Tell us when you’ve seen our brand attributes at work, through your own actions or the practices of others. Share your perspective.