Visual Style

The CSUDH Brand represents our voice, but it also requires a visual expression: the images and photography, graphic elements, and design approach used to communicate who we are. As with all successful brands, the visual personality of our communications — across all mediums and departments — must be consistent, cohesive, and instantly recognizable as ours.

Presented here are the core visual expressions of the CSUDH Brand, meant to serve as your visual and design guideposts for all communications you produce.


Individuals take the forefront in our visual brand. Communications should use photography featuring real CSUDH students, staff, faculty, alumni, employers, partners, and community members. The photography used should represent a cross section of CSUDH’s diverse campus population.


People featured in CSUDH communications should be actively engaged in university settings that speak to our quality of academics, vibrant student life, and beautiful campus and facilities.

Design Elements

Branded communications should make consistent and judicious use of the current marketing campaign’s design elements. This ensures that university materials have a coordinated, consistent, and recognizable look, but also that they are periodically updated with a fresh and contemporary look and do not become dated.

A system of coordinated visual elements, including the logo, seal, color palette, fonts, and photography guidelines, pull the CSUDH graphic identity together. Following the visual style guidelines presented here ensures consistency in communicating the CSUDH Brand across a wide variety of media.