Brand Meaning

Our Brand Position

The CSUDH Brand represents the connection we have with our students and their families, our faculty and staff, businesses and employers, our partners, supporters and donors and the communities we serve. Our brand is how these various constituents see, know and understand our university — on an emotional and personal level, as well as a rational one.

As such, our brand must be consistently communicated, supported and reinforced with every interaction and at every touch point — across our university and beyond.

Our Six Brand Attributes

These are the pillars upon which our Brand is built.

  1. CSUDH provides a transformative educational experience that changes students’ lives as well as the lives of their families and communities.
  2. CSUDH recognizes the financial investment students and their families make and provides a clear path to degree with step-by-step guidance along the way.
  3. CSUDH academic excellence is supported by internships, social engagement, community service and student research opportunities.
  4. CSUDH offers outstanding faculty, academic selection, Student Life and graduate success.
  5. CSUDH embraces diversity and views our diverse population as a differentiator and point of pride.
  6. CSUDH fuels the educational, economic and cultural vitality of the South Bay.