Social Media

Social media is a powerful communication tool, and CSUDH departments, student clubs, and organizations are using the popular networking sites more and more to reach a broad audience and to provide a platform for greater engagement.

The visibility of CSUDH on social media sites increases the university’s presence on the web, and can either strengthen or weaken how people perceive the university. A more unified social media visual presence across all university accounts can help strengthen the university's overall brand identity and help maintain a positive image of the university. 

To help strengthen the CSUDH Brand, the university has put together these guidelines to follow when building your CSUDH social media account.

As with any branding, please consult University Communications and Public Affairs before using any logos or icons, or creating one for your organization. Often, a new logo is not needed to promote a program. University Communications and Public Affairs can assist in developing an identifiable graphic identity using color, typography, or other design elements that fit the brand.

Main University Accounts

Only the university’s primary social media accounts can use the CSUDH logo as their profile picture.

CSUDH mockups main facebook, instagram and sample twitter tweet

The same applies for use of the Athletics logo; the Athletics logo is reserved for Athletics and its teams. The Athletics logo and sub-logos have strict usage requirements and any usage of any part of their logos (DH horns or bull) requires approval from the Athletics department.

CSUDH main athletics facebook page mockup on ipad

DO NOT use the university seal for social media accounts.

College/Department/Program Social Media Accounts

In order to create a unified presence on social media for the university’s academic and administrative units (colleges, departments, programs, initiatives, centers) — yet distinguish one CSUDH-affiliated account from another — the university has created social media icon versions of divisional endorsed logos for use as social media profile images. The social media endorsed logo has been designed to display in the square or circular shape used by most sites.

  • DO NOT use your official endorsed logo for social media profile icons, as they will not fit correctly.
  • DO NOT use the files supplied for social media profile icons for any other purpose.
  • DO NOT create your own graphic social media profile image for your department/organization.

Contact the Office of University Communications and Public Affairs to request an endorsed social media icon or to discuss appropriate social media icons.

CSUDH endorsed social media icon for College of Arts and HumanitiesCSUDH endorsed round social media icon for College of Arts and Humanities

CSUDH College of Arts and Humanities facebook page mockup on ipad and smartphone


Some departments, unit, campus auxiliaries, and affiliate programs have established visual identities that have university approval. In those cases, these entities may choose to use their visual identity for their social media icon.

CSUDH Male Success Alliance facebook page mockup on ipadCSUDH ASI facebook page mockup on ipad
CSUDH Art and Design facebook page mockup on ipadCSUDH LSU facebook page mockup on ipad

The Office of University Communications and Public Affairs can assist those groups with any questions or concerns.

Photographic Icons

Sometimes it is more appropriate to use a high-quality photograph for a social media profile rather than an endorsed social media icon. 

CSUDH Teddy the Toro Instagram page mockup on ipad


  • When using a photo, make sure you have the legal rights to that image. Do not just use a photo found on the Internet.
  • Because social media profile spaces are small, choose a photo or crop a photo so that it works well at small sizes.
  • Use images with a strong focal point.
  • The image can contain the campus logo in it – such as an image of person wearing a CSUDH T-shirt or a picture of a campus building.
  • It is advisable not to add text to an image. The name of your program is clearly visible on your social account in other areas, such as the profile name and in the URL.

Feature Images

Many social media platforms allow for the use of a 'wall' or feature image. It is preferrable to use a high-quality photograph in this area rather than graphics with text. This keeps the look clean and consistent with the university branding. Feature images can be updated periodically.

Student Clubs and Organizations

School clubs must receive approval for logos they create. Approved logos for school clubs and organizations are allowed for use as social media profile images. However, please check that the logo fully fits within the prescribed space. If it does not, consider using a photograph instead. 

CSUDH LSBA Instagram page mockup on ipadCSUDH dance team Instagram page mockup on ipad