University Logo

The CSUDH logo is the core component of our visual identity system. It creates a distinctive graphic presence for our institution and serves as an instantly recognizable visual cue for our constituents. It expresses our brand through color, shape, typography, and style.

  • The logo should be used in its entirety, with no alterations or additional elements added to it.
  • The logo must always be reproduced from a digital master reference. This is available in eps, pdf, jpeg, and png format from the brand assets web page.

The University’s logo and logotype are used to identify an official publication, presentation, or website of the California State University, Dominguez Hills.

All other uses require permission from University Communications and Marketing.

Approved University Logo Versions

CSUDH color logo stacked with name on one line on white background
Stacked (University Name on One Line)
Use this preferred logo format whenever possible.
CSUDH logo stacked version with university name on two lines on white background
Stacked (University Name on Two Lines)
Use this logo format when the full university name needs to be readable from a distance, for example, on university signage.
CSUDH colored horizontal logo on white background
Side by Side
Use the side by side logo when the horizontal format works best in the layout.
CSUDH color logo mark on white background
CSUDH (without University Name)
When the logo with the full university name does not work in the allocated space, you may use just the CSUDH logo mark. The university name should appear elsewhere on the collateral in text, preferably using the "text only" logo file provided.
CSUDH university name in text logo, black on light background
Text Only
Use this logo when the full logo with university name cannot fit in the artwork space, or use in conjunction with the logo mark.


The logo must always have good contrast with the background to ensure maximum impact and accessibility.

Spacing and Size

In order to maximize its visual presence, the logo requires a surrounding area clear of any other graphic elements or text. Always allow at least this amount of clear space around the logo. It is important that this rule is observed and the exclusion zone is maintained at all times.

The recommended minimum clearance is to protect the logo. The logo will appear on many different applications and formats and this will help to give it clarity and presence. This is not a placement guide. It is a minimum only.

Logo size consistency is important when producing a wide range of communications.

Minimum size

Our logo must be clearly visible and reproduced consistently. For this reason, a minimum size has been established. The size is 1.5 inches measured across the width of the logo.

CSUDH Logo usage

Every logo version requires a clear space on all sides equal to the height of the H in CSUDH.

csudh logo usage - minimum size: Priint 1.5 inches, Online 100 pixels.

Minimum Size:
Print 1.5 inches
Online 100 px

University Logo Misuse

csudh logo misuse. Do not rearrange the elements.

DO NOT rearrange the

csudh logo misuse. Do not change or add colors.

DO NOT change or add colors

csudh logo misuse. Do not crop the logo.

DO NOT crop the logo

csudh logo misuse. Do not stretch, condense, distort, skew, bend or rotate.

DO NOT stretch, condense,
distort, skew, bend, or rotate

csudh logo misuse. Do not use gradients, overlays or other color effects.

DO NOT use gradients,
overlays, or other color effects

csudh logo misuse. Do not add or remove elements.

DO NOT add or remove

csudh logo misuse. Do not use outlines.

DO NOT use outlines

csudh logo misuse. Do not apply drop shadows or other visual effects.

DO NOT apply drop shadows
or other visual effects

csudh logo misuse. Do not place the logo over complex photos, textures or unapproved colors.

DO NOT place the logo
over complex photos,
textures, or unapproved

csudh logo misuse. Do not have any color block around the logo. Use transparency logo file.

DO NOT have any color
block around the logo. Use transparent logo file.

csudh logo misuse. Do not substitute other fonts.

DO NOT substitute other fonts

csudh logo misuse. Do not use white and yellow logo color combo on black background.

The white and yellow logo combination should only be used on burgundy, neutral gray, and photographic backgrounds where the primary burgundy and yellow version would not be visible.