Program Philosophy

Program Philosophy:  Subject Matter Preparation Program in English

CSUDH has a rich history of preparing teachers, and the English department takes special pride in the way it prepares students to become English teachers at the secondary level.  We have developed our Subject Matter Preparation Program in English (SMPP) after having drawn upon several important sources:  the experience and expertise of our faculty; the Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for Single Subject Teaching Credential Programs; and the academic and professional needs of our students.  The English department bases its SMPP on the following beliefs:

  1. The SMPP must teach students to read perceptively, write effectively, and think critically. 
  2. The SMPP must provide both breadth and depth in the study of literature; it must prepare students to analyze complex issues, synthesize information from multiple sources, and communicate ideas using a variety of formats and technologies.
  3. The SMPP must provide a foundation in the structure of language and the way in which (particularly non-native) English speakers can improve their proficiency
  4. The SMPP must develop strong writing skills and the ability to inform others about composition theories and practices.
  5. The SMPP must contain pedagogic foci as well as purely content-based foci.
  6. The SMPP must celebrate the rich diversity that reflects not only our own campus but the neighborhoods in which our graduates will teach.
  7. The SMPP must clearly provide its students with advisement that makes program outcomes clear and understandable.
  8. The SMPP must ensure that its final assessment of candidate secondary school English teachers fits together with stated program goals. 
  9. The SMPP must evolve over time to meet changing demands not only in the academic study of English but of the teaching conditions that our students will face.  Such evolution must come after careful consideration of systematic program review and changing content standards.