Academic Advisement

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The Theatre & Dance Program places great importance on the advisement process. We request that students meet with their respective advisors for consultation concerning the remainder of their time at the University. Advisement is far more than simply answering the question, “Which course shall I take?” Advisors serve as career counselors, concerned friends, and professionals who help bridge the gap between the world of the university and the world of the working artist. Advisors are resources to be cultivated and used for the betterment of the student.

Your Academic Advisor for Theatre Students:

Students (A to K):

Bill DeLuca, Professor, Theatre Arts
Office: La Corte Hall E-311
Phone: 310-243-2400

Students (L to Z):

Donis Leonard, Professor, Theatre Arts
Office: La Corte Hall B-104
Phone: 310-243-2847

New Theatre Major students need to download the Advisement Form [WORD DOC], fill in Section A, save it as "your last name.doc" without spaces or symbols other than letters and periods (for example: johnson.doc), and then email it to the advisor. Save a copy for yourself.  Be sure to include a phone number so that the advisor can call you to set up a time and place to meet to sign the Declaration of Major form. 

Students who would like to take the Performance Minor in Theatre, should use the Performance Minor Advisement Form [WORD DOC].

Your Academic Advisor for Dance Students:

Doris Ressl, Professor, Dance
Office: La Corte Hall A-343
Phone: 310-243-3732

New Dance students need to meet with the academic advisor at the beginning of their freshman year to plan their course schedule so that they can achieve the intermediate and advanced levels required of the Dance Option. They can also learn about opportunities to perform and choreograph.

Asuncion | Credit: Nate Lubben