Career Possibilities

The field of acting as a whole is expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations according to the most recent projections of the U.S. Department of Labor. Future possibilities for growth lie in recent endowments to the arts and the establishment of year-round professional acting companies in cities. The number of such acting groups is growing. Recent growth of summer and winter stock companies, outdoor and regional theatre, repertory companies and dinner theatres also has increased employment opportunities. Dinner theatres presently represent the fastest growing area of employment for actors and actresses in this country. There may be increased employment prospects as a result of expansion of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), web-only series, broadcast stations and cable TV. Commercial television employs a large number of actors and actresses as well as other talented personnel in this industry. Opportunities also exist in university, regional, community theatre and community recreation programs.

Related careers and occupations available to graduates of the CSU Dominguez Hills Department of Theatre & Dance include: actor, actress, costumer, playwright, fashion designer, set designer, lighting designer, director, producer, theatre historian, technician, theatre manager, makeup artist, drama coach, teacher, announcer, recreation director, dancer, musician, entertainer, public relations person, sales representative, model, merchandising person, lawyer, critic, carpenter, press agent, and dramatic agent among others.

Seven Guitars | Credit: Nate Lubben