Seven Guitars | Credit: Nate LubbensThe mission of the Department of Theater & Dance is to engage students in active self-expression through appreciation of the arts as a cultural reflection. The combined arts of the theatre enable students to develop production and performance skills that enrich their lives as well as train them for careers in many related fields. Becoming familiar with the historical and cultural dimensions of theatre provides insight into the arts as well as the intricacies of human behavior. This enhances the student's ability to conceptualize ideas and formulate them in to artistic visions. Contemporary thinking about theatre and related arts emphasizes a social consciousness that is the foundation for lives of accomplishment within a pluralistic society. Theatre provides a community based experience that trains students in the intra and inter-personal skills that help them relate cooperatively to others of diverse ages and backgrounds. Experience in the group process encourages collaboration, communication, and the ability to think critically. Students can apply these competencies to all fields in which creative and interactive skills are factors in success. In this way, the students of Theater & Dance at Dominguez Hills learn how to prosper in their careers and find meaning in their lives.