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Department of Theatre Arts

Location and Mailing Address:
Department of Theatre & Arts
LaCorte Hall, A-109
California State University, Dominguez Hills
1000 E. Victoria St., Carson, CA 90747

Staff Directory

Dr. Doris Ressldressl@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, A-343(310) 243-3732Department Chair
Sharrae Evanssevans@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, A-109(310) 243-3588Department Coordinator
Steven Humenskishumenski@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5090(310) 613-5108Theatre Manager/Operations Specialist
Frederick P. DePonteefdepontee@csudh.eduUniversity Theatre, B-203(310) 243-3898Technical Director
Ryan Turpinrturpin@csudh.eduUniversity Theatre, A-101A(310) 243-2810Theatre Safety and Maintenance Technician
Andre 243-3590Theatre Shop Foreman
Joe Jordan---Theatre Shop Assistant

Theatre Arts Faculty

Stefani Baezsesparza10@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-111(310) 243-3063Lecturer, Theatre Arts
Jozben Barrettjbarrett@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5724(310) 243-3588Speech Lecturer
D'Shaun Bookerdbooker@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5724(310) 243-3063Speech Lecturer
Naomi Buckleynbuckley@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-101(310) 243-2210Lecturer, Theatre Arts
Bill DeLucabdeluca@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, E-311(310) 243-2400Professor, Theatre Arts
Todd 243-3340Professor
Kelly Hermankherman@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-101(310) 243-2210Lecturer, Theatre Arts & Speech Coordinator
Carin Jacobscsjacobs@csudh.eduUniversity Theatre, A-201(310) 243-3354Lecturer & Theatre Costumer
Marla Laddmladd@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-104(310) 243-3340Lecturer, Theatre Arts
Donis Leonarddleonard@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, B-104(310) 243-2847Associate Professor, Theatre Arts
JR Norman Lukernluker@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, E-307(310) 243-2391Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts
Mary Beth McIntoshmbmenna@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5724(310) 243-3063Lecturer, Theatre Arts
Stephen Morrissevans@csudh.eduNorth Library, 5724(310) 243-3340Professor
Amador Plascenciaaplascencia@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, 5724(310) 243-3063Lecturer
Brian Stevensbstevens@csudh.eduLaCorte Hall, A-109(310) 243-3588Professor

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