Scholarship Opportunities

Awards and Scholarships

Applications Required for all Scholarships

Charlotte Gibson Memorial Scholarship.
An exceptional student in Theatre Arts will receive $500 each year for all-around theatrical and academic excellence. Recipients should be junior majors entering into their senior year. (endowed)

Peter Rodney Scholarship. 
Reflecting Dr. Peter Rodney’s belief that theater developed the “whole person,” this scholarship is presented to the student who combines academic excellence and production expertise with a positive outlook that adds to the culture of the department. (endowed)

Brenda Arrieta Killian Scholarship. 
The Brenda scholarship is awarded to a student who is committed to theatre as a way of giving back. The recipient should be someone who is not only passionate about the arts, but maintains an awareness of the relationship between theatre and the community it serves.  (annual)

Stew Christie Memorial Scholarship. 
The scholarship will be offered each year, but will only be granted to students who fulfill the requirements of the award. As the Technical Director of the University Theatre, Stew Christie was an authority on every area of technical theatre, which included his lighting, sound and scenic design, supervision of shop construction of sets and costumes, and maintenance of the machinery, tools and production equipment of the facility.  This scholarship is granted to a student who has shown similar excellence in technical skills, either as a stage manager, lighting or sound operator, costumer, or set construction.  Students may apply for the scholarship and the faculty who will determine whether the student reflects the promise of the same qualities of Stew Christie.  (endowed)

Carol Tubbs Dance Scholarship was established for students who:

  • Have declared a major in Theatre Arts with a Dance Option;
  • Have taken an active role in Dance Program Activities;
  • Have been recognized by the faculty as a versatile performer or scholar who can perform in many styles of dance and in varied performance venues;
  • Have demonstrated commitment to the Dance Program and Dance Productions;
  • Provides an example of positive leadership, strong work ethic, and incomparable dedication.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Friends of Dance
Established in 1993 for the purpose of dance scholarships and to be used to purchase necessary supplies for dance productions.  A dance faculty committee selects these recipients.  

Fuddy Myers | Credit: Nate Lubben