Communication & Marketing Committee

Communications and Marketing Committee Slide

Focus Areas

  • Branding & positioning

  • Peer & aspirant analysis

  • The college website and its impact and effectiveness

  • Marketing & communication strategies & impact studies

  • The regional competitive landscape

  • Peer competitor, & aspirant analysis related to their branding and positions efforts

  • Media mentions

  • Social Media presence and efforts

  • Alumni engagement


Committee Members

AVP of Marketing & Communications (co-chair): John Axtell

AVP of Enrollment Management (co-chair): Brandy McLelland

Director of Marketing and Communication: Amy Bentley-Smith

Communication Coordinator: Marcus Jones

Dean: Kim McNutt

Webmaster: Shon Lee

Alumni Relations Rep: David Gamboa

Associate Deans: Gary Rhodes, Leonardo Martinez and CBAPP

Faculty: Devon Tsuno

Data Representative: Helen Remegio