Student Success Committee

Student Success Committee Slide

Focus Areas

  • Persistence, progression, retention, and graduation rate analyses by program and student sub populations (i.e. diversity sets)

  • Student success support program impact studies and analyses

  • Developmental and gateway course completion and success

  • Co-curricular programs & initiatives inventory, participation rates, outcomes evaluations

  • Academic advising

  • Student engagement & Satisfaction trend data

  • Registration structures, processes, policies, and practices

  • Student success programs

*Understanding that while we may no longer offer developmental courses, we still have students with developmental needs.

Committee Members

AVP of Advising & Retention (co-chair): Bridget Driscoll

AVP of Student Success (co-chair): Paz Oliverez

Undergraduate Dean: Hamoud Salhi

Dean: Stephanie Sterling Brasley

English Department Chair: Tim Chin

Faculty: Kathleen Johnson, Heather Butler, Carolyn Caffrey Gardner

Writing Across the Curriculum: Siskanna Naynaha

Advising Representative: Lauren Edwards

Registrar: Tara Hardee

AVP of Student Life: Marcelo Vazquez

Math Department Chair: Matt Jones

Associate Dean: Dee Parker

Data Representative: Asha Mohammed