Capstone Options

Capstone courses provide students with an opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their child development coursework and apply it in a culminating experience. All capstone courses are writing intensive, but each course provides a unique experience that can enhance students' preparation for their educational and career pursuits. Therefore, students should consider their educational and career interests and goals when choosing their capstone course. Students may choose one course from the following four options:

The following two options are the most commonly chosen capstone options:

  • CDV 490 - Senior Seminar (3)
  • CDV 496 - Directed Field Experience (4) 

The following options are for students who are interested in research:

  • CDV 498 - Directed Research (3)
  • CDV 492 - Seminar in Child Development Research (4) 

Registration in Capstone Courses

All capstone courses require the Capstone Enrollment Form, and some may require additional forms (see below). Prior to submitting any capstone enrollment forms, please verify that you are eligible to enroll in capstone coursework. 

To be eligible to enroll in the capstone courses, students must have:

  • completed all introductory and foundational child development coursework with a "C" or better.
  • completed at least four* of the six specialized courses with a "C" or better before the capstone semester.

* Students who enroll in spring intersession or summer capstone courses will need to have completed ALL specialized courses with a "C" or better.

Students may be enrolled in the specialized courses during the semester they submit their application. Any remaining specialized coursework (up to six units) must be taken concurrently with the capstone course (i.e., in the same semester). 

Permission numbers will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis based on application submission time. The department will email permission numbers approximately one month after registration opened because it takes time to verify applicant eligibility and enrollment in the remaining required coursework.

Note! The department will attempt to accommodate student schedules. Preferences for instructors cannot be observed because the department places more than 200 students in capstone courses, has a limited number of course options available, and each course has enrollment caps.

Please review the capstone course options in the drop-down menu on the left and submit the necessary capstone enrollment form(s) online by the dates shown below: 

Applications for the capstone course are submitted in the semester BEFORE students plan to enroll in the course. To apply for the Fall 2022 Capstone course, submit your application by April 8, 2022 online.

The Fall 2022 Online Registration Window for Capstone Applications will be Open: March 14, 2022 and will CLOSE April 8, 2022.

Semester in which the student will enroll in Capstone CourseDate by which the Enrollment Form must be submitted online
Fall 2022April 8, 2022 by 5:00pm

Enrollment Forms

Applications are submitted ONLINE via Microsoft Forms. All capstone courses require the Capstone Enrollment Form. Please view all course descriptions before applying, and choose ONLY ONE Capstone option. 

Please use your campus credentials to sign in: campus For example, a student named Jane Doe would log in using Please use your campus password. DO NOT USE YOUR TOROMAIL ADDRESS.


NOTE: Due to the COVID pandemic, only a few sections of fieldwork (CDV 496) will be offered in Fall 2022. Students also have the option to take either CDV 490 or CDV 498 to satisfy their capstone requirement.

  • For Senior Seminar (CDV 490), submit the Capstone Enrollment Form only.
  • For Directed Fieldwork (CDV 496), submit the Capstone Enrollment Form only.
  • For Directed Research (CDV 498), you must coordinate with an instructor one semester ahead of your intended capstone semester. Submit:
    • Capstone Enrollment Form
    • Directed Research Enrollment Form (pdf): click to download the form. Fill out and email the completed form to the instructor. They will need to prepare a summary of your shared research plan and email it with the completed form to the department at
    • Carefully review the Directed Research webpage and Faculty research descriptions first here.
  • For Seminar in Child Development Research (CDV 492), please note that the course is only available to a cohort of 12 or more students coordinated by a faculty member. You may not be able to enroll if there is not enough student interest.

Please contact the department if you need assistance using forms at