Welcome to California State University, Dominguez Hills. Whether you are new to the University or returning as a temporary faculty unit employee, your role as a lecturer faculty member is a vital one.

This handbook for lecturers includes general information and is designed to explain university, college, and department policies and procedures that may affect you, and also to help lecturers make their teaching assignments both effective and enjoyable. Lecturers – faculty with full- or part-time temporary appointments – are more than half of the faculty in the CSU system which reaffirms that you are a partner in the shared academic responsibility who contributes significantly to our students’ education and the department’s success.

We are aware that the role of lecturer faculty is not always easy, since you often must balance your many commitments to other institutions with your obligations to CSU Dominguez Hills. However, we want you to feel a part of the department, college, and university and take advantage of whatever services and facilities we can offer. You are invited, but not required, to participate in department faculty meetings, and to participate in all academic and social activities.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions of your colleagues, department chair, program director, program coordinator and staff if you should have further questions.

We hope you find this information helpful, and wish you the best in your career with CSU Dominguez Hills!