Resource Services

Academic Technology Services

Services provided by Academic Technology housed under the Division of Information Technology include: academic computer labs, accessible technology, Blackboard, Camtasia Studio and Relay, Cayuse, course and instructional design, faculty training, Turnitin, lecturer capture, Zoom web conferencing, etc.

Online Instructional Support

The Academic Technologies team collaborates with the Faculty Development Center (FDC) to support instructors in creating, designing, redesigning, or adapting courses as defined by the instructor (instructional design, Blackboard Training, online learning, distance education, Educational Technology, Academic Technology, instructional technology, online teaching).

The Academic Technology department digitizes media into an audio or video format, uploads media file to a private media server, and provides faculty with a video hyperlink, which can be shared or embedded as needed.

New CSUDH faculty who do not have prior Blackboard teaching experience are encouraged to attend introductory training at the beginning of each semester.
  • Group training sessions are scheduled each semester/session.
  • Training can be scheduled by appointment.
  • Walk-in training can take place if Instructional Technologists are available.

For assistance, contact Reza Boroon, Academic Technology Director at (310) 243-2524 or LIB-5723.

For more information, visit:

Center for Service Learning, Internships, and Civic Engagement (SLICE)

SLICE assists students, faculty, and staff with experiential learning opportunities, community-based participatory research, and community engagement opportunities. The Center develops community partnerships to promote internship and volunteer placements. If you are considering starting a service learning class, call (310) 243-2438, or visit the SLICE website.

Department Office Staff and Chair

For specific information about matters in your respective department, feel free to contact the department chair and/or department staff person for assistance. They will be glad to hear from you. We often have lecturers from whom we do not hear anything; we would rather hear from you on what may seem to you like trivial matters than not hear from you at all.

Facilities Services

Services provided by Facilities Services include: backed up toilets, flooded restrooms, air conditioning/heating, custodial services, light fixtures, etc. Call (310) 243-3804 or extension 3587.

Library Services

Services provided by the University Library include: research and instruction, Blackboard integration, information literacy program, course reserves, affordable learning solutions, convert text to speech and more. For more information, visit the University Library website.

Office of Faculty Affairs and Development

Services provided by the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development include professional, personnel, and labor relation services for Unit 3 faculty unit employees. For more information, visit the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development website.

Payroll Services

CSUDH pays you according to a separate schedule for each semester. Consult the published Payroll Calendar.

Risk Management and Internal Controls

Services provided by Risk Management and Internal Controls include: assessments, education and training, and technical assistance.

Security and Emergency Procedures


The University Police/Parking Department provides a safety escort program for students, faculty and staff. The Student Safety Patrol is available all hours of the day and night and is not limited to the (Monday through Thursday, 6pm-11pm) timeframe.

To request an escort: Call University Police at x3639 or at (310) 243-3639 or stop by the University Police Station in Welch Hall 100.

Fire/Police/Medical (serious accident or illness-related injuries)

  • 24-Hour Emergency
    911 from any campus phone, or (310) 243-3333 from a cell phone on campus (911 cell phone calls are typically routed to the CHP depending on the service provider).
  • 24-Hour Non-Emergency
    (310) 243-3639 or campus phones 3639

To obtain information on the status of classes and university operations in the event of an emergency call: (866) 747-8827.

To Report an Emergency

  • Give your name, telephone number and location.
  • Give clear and accurate information.
  • Be prepared to supply suspect and vehicle description, and direction of travel.
  • DON’T HANG UP! Follow the instructions of the dispatcher.

Emergency Broadcast Information

To access a recorded message regarding campus status in the event of an emergency, please contact the Emergency Hotline at toll-free number (866) 747-8827.

Emergency Preparedness

For more information visit:

Emergency Telephone Boxes

Look for call boxes mounted on poles or red towers with blue lights located in parking lots and on campus. Press button; automatic connection to campus police. Emergency phones are also available in campus elevators.


Be sure your emergency contact information is correct on your MyCSUDH profile.  This is the contact information that the campus will use to contact you during a campus emergency.

Student Conduct or Concern Resources

Every university-issued computer has a “RED FOLDER” (SEE something. SAY something. DO something) desktop icon with information and resources from the CSU System; some of the CSUDH specific resources listed here are:

Student Support Services

The following are some of the support services available to students on campus: