Getting Started



All temporary faculty unit employee appointments can be for a period of one semester, a quarter, parts of a year, or one (1) or more years. As a faculty member in the “Lecturer” classification you will not earn credit toward tenure or permanent status. You may reference the CFA/CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 12, Appointment.

ID, Accounts, Keys, Parking Permits and Transit Passes

Once you have accepted the appointment offer from the College Dean, you will need to complete the following additional steps as a new faculty member:

University ID Card

Faculty may obtain an official CSUDH identification card from the department of Human Resources Management located in Welch Hall (WH), suite 340, (310) 243-3771 (this ID card also serves as your campus Library card).

Campus E-mail Account and IT Services

The Division of Information Technology serves as the University’s technological hub and is responsible for providing enterprise-wide leadership and support in information technology.

New employees may address the following inquiries with the IT Help Desk at or calling (310) 243-2500.

  1. Can I get the latest version of Microsoft Office installed on my office PC? My home PC?
  2. How do I use the CSUDH telephone system?
  3. How can I get trained on the Blackboard system?
  4. Does CSUDH or the CSU provide any good deals for buying hardware and software?
  5. Does the campus have “smart classrooms”?
  6. Can I reserve a computer lab for a single meeting for my class?
  7. How can I get trained on the MyCSUDH student record system?
  8. How can I get support for online teaching/learning and course/instructional design?
  9. Can I access my e-mail account from home?
  10. Can I get technical support with the iTOROS app?

Campus Parking Permit or Public Transit Pass

A valid parking permit is required to park on-campus. For assistance in acquiring an employee parking permit, please visit the department of Human Resources Management located in Welch Hall (WH), suite 340, (310) 243-3771. You may be eligible for a payroll deduction by completing the payroll deduction authorization parking permit form with H.R.

You may also acquire a public transit pass from Transportation Services (Rideshare)

Issuance of Keys

Facilities Services (Physical Plant) lock shop is responsible for the issuance of all campus keys and maintenance of electronic locks, standard key locks, office file cabinets, automatic doors, etc. Authorization is required to obtain a key for classrooms, offices, desks, cabinets, etc., by the College Dean or his/her designee. You may acquire an office key and/or associated keys, which is ordered by the department by completing the Key Request Form. The faculty member is responsible for picking up the key(s) at the University Police, located at the northwest corner of Welch Hall, on the first floor. When you pick up your key(s), you will need to provide a photo identification card.

Lost or stolen key(s) must be immediately reported to University Police, which will require a signed statement from the responsible party describing the details of how the key was lost or misplaced. A replacement fee for each key, lost or stolen, must be paid by the responsible party at the Cashier’s Office prior to issuance of the replacement(s), or separation from the University.

If you need any help with these steps, please check with the department office staff for assistance.

For more information regarding the CSUDH Key Control Policy and Procedures, please refer to Presidential Memorandum (PM) 09-03 [PDF].

The Semester System

There are fifteen (15) weeks of classes, a 16th week for final examinations, and then grades are due in the Faculty Center via the portal using your campus username and password credentials. For instructions on faculty grading, click here. Check the academic calendar to confirm grading deadline. 

Your semester appointment requires that you meet the scheduled 15-week class meetings plus a 16th week final examination. Final exams or final class meetings are required in all courses and shall be held at the times listed in the final exam schedule. Any exception requires written approval of the instructor, department chair, and college dean. Individual student exceptions in Final examination times are posted in the Class Schedule and final exam dates and times are scheduled according to the Class Meeting Time Module found in the Class Schedule.

Check with the department office for more information.


Your Department Chair/Director and/or Program Coordinator will assign you with your office and/or research space.

Your classrooms are assigned centrally, and we do not have a lot of choice. But if you have strong feelings about a classroom one way or the other or you have special needs because of small groups, a simulation, etc., contact the department office staff for assistance.

Please note that Facilities Services (Physical Plant) employees do not open locks to buildings upon request of administrators, faculty, staff, or students. Opening doors, lockers, storage cabinets, or any other university locking device will only be done at the request of, and in the presence of, the University Police. The opening of the University locking device will be done only after University Police have verified both the identification of the person requesting the service and that the person has been given proper authority to enter.

If you should need assistance, contact the department office staff or the Dean’s Office. After department business office hours, contact University Police at (310) 243-3639.

Enrollment Issues

Normally we are looking for more students rather than fewer, but in some lower division sections and some upper division courses, you can face significant demand the first day. The best way to handle these kinds of problems is to triage demand by prioritizing students by their proximity to degree completion with undergraduate seniors (Super Seniors) and graduate students who have had graduation checks that indicate they need the course to graduate first, and then let students enroll in order of class standing. If you are willing to add several students over your class limit, that is permitted; do not, however, enroll students above room capacity. You must have seats for all enrolled students. Please speak with your department chair and college scheduler.

View the Academic Affairs Policy AA 2017-04, Definition of Super Seniors, at

To add students during and after the registration period the student will need to request from the instructor a Permission Number (PN) or a Late Registration Permission Number. Students may be unable to register for a class if the prerequisites have not been met and/or if departmental consent is required. Only if a student has met all the prerequisites and still cannot register for a course during the registration period, the student should then request a Permission Number. Permission Numbers expire on the last day of registration. You (or the department staff; when appropriate) must notify the student they have been issued a permission number. To view and track Permission Numbers go to - Faculty Center.  You can reference the Faculty Add/Drop Reference Guide. Please note: students must enroll in the course through; a permission number does not register them – they have to do this themselves. The student will likely not be allowed to add classes after the add deadline; we suggest that before the add deadline, you carefully check your roster to make sure all students with permission numbers have added the class. Permission Numbers do not override the enrollment limit for classes. Permission numbers can only be used once. Each department closely monitors the distribution of PNs. Please consult with the department office staff as to how to do this.

View the CSUDH Waiting List and Permission Number Policy.


CSU Dominguez Hills provides email services to our faculty and staff. Lecturers must use the email account for all official business communications and check it daily for information, updates, deadlines, and requests. If you are not at your primary computer, or if you are off campus, you may view your e-mail via the CSUDH iToros Mobile App, CSUDH webmail or via MyCSUDH portal. Enter your CSUDH username and password credentials. However, you will need the Duo device or download the Duo APP. 

CSUDH uses the Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA) app to verify students, faculty, and staff's identities when they log-in to any web-based technology service that requires a CSUDH username and password.

Please see Duo: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) FAQ to learn more about MFA.
For more information on setting up MFA, please see Duo: Set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).            

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 sets out requirements designed to protect students’ privacy in their records maintained by the campus. You will need to familiarize yourself with the FERPA policy.

Lactation and Breastfeeding Accommodations

CSUDH recognizes the importance and benefits of providing lactation support, including health benefits breastmilk provides to children and upholds the legal right of students, faculty, and staff to breastfeed or express milk on campus by providing private lactation locations for faculty, staff, and students and adequate break time for lactation for faculty and staff. Some of the lactation stations on campus are located in the University Library, 3rd floor, and the Nursing Department, Welch Hall C-300. For additional locations and to view the Presidential Memoranda Policy 2018-03, Policy on Lactation and Breastfeeding Accommodations visit:
Please contact the Title IX Office at (310) 243-1025 for assistance locating a lactation room (or appropriate flexible lactation space) in close proximity to your classroom or office. Additionally, we are happy to provide a free, insulated CSUDH Lactation Resource bag.

Mailbox and Mail Services

The department provides a mailbox for the faculty member. Check your mailbox in the department at least weekly for notices, messages, etc.

Mail Services cannot pick up or deliver personal mail or non-office mail of any kind. Non-office and personal mail should not be deposited in departmental mail boxes for delivery on-campus or for delivery off-campus. For more information, click here.


Submit your textbook adoptions and course material orders through the University Bookstore via online at or from your personal Blackboard account under “MyBB” Follett Discover. A valid CSUDH username and password are required, .  

The deadline to submit textbook adoptions for the fall semester is usually in April and for the spring semester it’s usually in October. The specific dates are set by the University Bookstore. Please check with your department for textbook ordering deadlines.

Always submit your order with an ISBN. Many books have the same titles, and in some areas, there are multiple editions, etc. If you don’t have the ISBN, you can get it from the book itself or from or Be aware that Amazon or Barnes and Noble might only show the National edition of a book and not the exact edition/version that the instructor would be using. (If you have worked with a publisher on a campus specific ISBN, they will be the only place to get that information).

You will also need to indicate how many copies you will need. If the book is out of print or unavailable for any reason, the bookstore will notify you directly, and you should immediately take action to order a replacement and to inform the department Administrative Support Coordinator.

It is important to accommodate the needs of all students, particularly students with disabilities, see Academic Affairs Policy AA 2007-09. We have many students who are registered with either Department of Rehabilitation (D.O.R.) or Veterans Affairs (V.A.), which means they can only get their books and materials from us at the University Bookstore. This means that instructors should make sure not to direct students online for their books as it could cause conflict for those students. Often these students may have a learning disability and need the book information submitted in the Student disAbility Resource Center (SdRC). The SdRC can be reached by phone at (310) 243-3660, and by email at

Coursepacks need to be submitted to the bookstore electronically at the same time the books are submitted. The bookstore must have time to get them printed from the print shop, while also checking for copyrights clearance (which protects the University).

The University encourages faculty to adopt affordable learning materials. For more information visit Affordable Learning Solutions. If you would like to search through free e-textbooks and course resources being used by the CSUDH community or if you’d like to see whether the library can purchase a copy of your textbook check out some of the available resources through the University Library.

For courses that are identified as Zero Cost Course Materials (ZCCM), please adhere to the Academic Affairs Policy AA 2017-07

Please ask the department chair or office staff if they have copies of prior well-constructed syllabi for the classe(s) you are being hired to teach.