Sabbatical Leaves

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The granting of sabbatical leaves (AA-2021-11) is intended for the mutual benefit of the University and the person granted such a leave. CSU Dominguez Hills is committed in supporting and encouraging the teaching, research, scholarly and creative activities, and professional development of the faculty unit employee. Hence, we encourage all full-time faculty members to peruse this page for more details on eligibility, applications, and timelines.

To view the Leaves and Honors Committee members for this academic year, please click on the following link: 2022-2023 Leaves and Honors Committee.

CSU/CFA (Unit 3) Collective Bargaining Agreement Faculty Leave Information

For more information and eligibility, please refer to the below articles of the Unit 3, California Faculty Association Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  • CBA Article 22, Leaves of Absence Without Pay
  • CBA Article 27, Sabbatical Leaves
  • CBA Article 28, Difference in Pay Leaves

Leaves and Honors Sabbatical Leave Calendar (2022-2023)

December 1, 2021: Notifications to eligible faculty
January 28, 2022 Sabbatical applications DUE to Faculty Affairs and Development via Interfolio
February 11, 2022: Leaves and Honors Committee review begins
March 11, 2022: Leaves and Honors Committee selection due
April 22, 2022: University President issues Sabbatical Leave letters  

Difference-In-Pay Leave Calendar (2022-2023)

December 1, 2021: Notifications to eligible faculty
January 28, 2022: Applications DUE to Faculty Affairs and Development via Interfolio
February 11, 2022: RTP Committee review begins
March 11, 2022: RTP Committee selection due
April 22, 2022: University President issues Difference-In-Pay-Leave letters

Sabbatical / DIP Application and Forms

If you are a full-time faculty eligible for a sabbatical leave or DIP, you may apply and submit your application to the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development via Interfolio.

Current FERP faculty are not eligible for sabbatical or difference-in-pay leaves. 

Sabbatical Leave Recipients

The faculty members listed below have been granted sabbatical leaves to be taken during the
2020-2021 academic year. These recipients were selected based upon the recommendation of the Faculty Leaves and Honors Committee, chaired by Dr. Theodore Byrne. 

  • Corina Benavides Lopez, Fall 2020, Chicana and Chicano Studies
  • Orie Berezan, Fall 2020, Management and Marketing
  • Giacomo Bono, Spring 2021, Psychology
  • William David Brice, Spring 2021, Management and Marketing
  • Kirti Sawhney Celly, Fall 2020, Management and Marketing
  • Brian Gregor, Spring 2021, Philosophy
  • Lee Hancock, Fall 2020, Kinesiology and Recreation
  • Yan-hua Huang, Fall 2020, Occupational Therapy
  • Jose R. Lopez Morin, Fall 2020, Chicana and Chicano Studies
  • Erin Merz, Fall 2020, Psychology
  • Christopher Monty, Spring 2021, History
  • La Tanya Skiffer, Spring 2021, Sociology
  • Jennifer Sumner, Fall 2020, Public Administration
  • Bin Tang, Fall 2020, Computer Science
  • Wang-Chan Wong, Fall 2020, Information Systems and Operations Management
Sabbatical Leave Eligibility List 2022-2023
Dr. YannAbdourazakou Management and Marketing 
Dr. ArekArakelianAccounting, Finance and Economic 
Dr. HugoAsencioPublic Administration 
Dr. MariaBarbosaSchool of Nursing 
Dr. KelliBeardGraduate Education 
Dr. MohsenBeheshtiComputer Science
Dr. DebraBestEnglish 
Dr. AntoniaBoadiPhysics
Dr. Jennifer LeeBrandtWomen Studies 
Dr. Gwen BrockmanTeacher Education 
Dr. BrantBurkeyCommunications
Ms.MicheleBuryArt and Design 
Dr. Heather ButlerPsychology
Dr. TheodoreByrnePublic Administration 
Dr. Mary LouCappelKinesiology and Recreation 
Dr. CaroleCastenKinesiology and Recreation 
Dr. Randolph CramerCauthenEnglish 
Dr. AmlanChatterjeeComputer Science
Dr. MariselaChavezChicana/Chicano Studies 
Dr. ScottCheathamKinesiology and Recreation 
Dr. NancyCheeverCommunications
Dr. Chi-WenChenInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr. EdwardChuInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr. HelenChunBiology
Dr. XimenaCidPhysics
Dr. WilliamDe LucaTheatre and Dance
Dr. GloriaDel RosarioAccounting, Finance and Economic 
Dr. KaraDellacioppaSociology
Dr. PrakashDheeriyaAccounting, Finance and Economic 
Dr. DavidDixonPolitical Science 
Dr. RyanBowles-EagleCommunications
Dr. KirstinEllsworthArt and Design 
Dr. NancyErbeNegotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding 
Dr. MichaelErnstKinesiology and Recreation 
Dr. KateEspositoGraduate Education 
Dr. MohammadEyadatInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr. SalimFarajiAfricana Studies 
Dr. KateFawverHistory
Dr. YeseniaFernandezGraduate Education 
Dr. LornaFitzsimmonsHumanities 
Dr. KittyFortnerGraduate Education 
Dr. Justin GammageAfricana Studies 
Dr. ThomasGiannottiEnglish 
Dr. LindaGoldman-LevineSchool of Nursing 
Dr. Mara LeeGraysonEnglish 
Dr. Mary MedinaOccupational Therapy 
Dr. JenneyHallInterdisciplinary Studies 
Dr. KamalHamdanTeacher Education 
Dr. LynnHarris-HendersonSocial Work
Dr. IvonneHeinze BalcazarModern Languages 
Dr. RoderickHernandezEnglish 
Dr. NyoraHiggsSocial Work
Dr. Jim HillPhysics
Dr. DavidHoopesManagement and Marketing 
Dr. MariaHurtado-OrtizPsychology
Dr. KimberlyHuthEnglish 
Dr. CenapIlterAccounting, Finance and Economic 
Dr. AlirezaIzaddoostComputer Science
Dr. Brian JarrettNegotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding 
Dr. MattJonesMathematics
Dr. AnupamaJoshiChild Development
Dr. AndrewKalaidjianEnglish 
Dr. Jian-YuKeInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr. BarbaraKennedySchool of Nursing 
Mr.Jim KevilleArt and Design 
Dr. KarinKramBiology
Dr. ElenaKulikovPublic Administration 
Dr. SarahLacyAnthropology
Dr. LidaLatifzadehChemistry 
Dr. Tri HuuLeHuman Services 
Dr. DonisLeonardTheatre and Dance
Dr. Kelin LiSociology
Dr. AngelaMaciasLiberal Studies 
Dr. MichaelManahanAccounting, Finance and Economic 
Dr. AdrieanMancillasGraduate Education 
Dr. AndridiaMapsonSocial Work
Dr. ClarenceMartinPublic Administration 
Dr. JoseMartinezAccounting, Finance and Economic 
Dr. AlexisMcCurnSociology
Dr. Elexia ReyesMcGovernTeacher Education 
Dr. StephenMooreMusic 
Dr. ScottMorrisMusic 
Mr.MarkMullerOrthotics and Prothetics 
Dr. PaymanNasrClinical Science 
Dr. Celene (Claudia)Navarrete AguilarInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr. SiskannaNaynahaEnglish 
Dr. ThomasNormanManagement and Marketing 
Dr. HelenOesterheldEnglish 
Dr. IreneOsisiomaTeacher Education 
Ms.DanaOspinaUniversity Library 
Dr. JoannaPerezSociology
Dr. PhuPhanHuman Services 
Mr.ThomasPhiloUniversity Library 
Dr. Wai Yan PongMathematics
Dr. HamidPourmohammadiInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr. JosePradoSociology
Dr. FynnwinPragerPublic Administration 
Dr. John PricePhysics
Dr. KimberleyRadmacherChild Development
Dr. PamelaRobinsonGraduate Education 
Dr. Kenneth  RodriguezChemistry 
Dr. SalvatoreRussoPolitical Science 
Dr. SilviaSantosPsychology
Dr. SohailaShakibSociology
Dr. DavidShermanEnglish 
Dr. MyronSheuInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr. SariSilvanto-RyanManagement and Marketing 
Dr. DavoodSoleymaniBiology
Dr. HakjoonSongAccounting, Finance and Economic 
Dr. ChandraSrinivasanChemistry 
Dr. MelissaSt. JamesManagement and Marketing 
Dr. KristenStaggMathematics
Dr. CarolSullivanGraduate Education 
Dr. LauraTalamanteHistory
Dr. SarahTaylorAnthropology
Dr. ArumugamThangavelChemistry 
Dr. KathrynTheissBiology
Mr.DevonTsunoArt and Design 
Dr. John VanderhoefCommunications
Dr. GretelVera-RosasSociology
Ms.WendolynVermeerUniversity Library 
Dr. TaraVictorPsychology
Dr. PhilipVieiraPsychology
Dr. GeorgeVinovichDigital Media Arts 
Dr. TieliWangChemistry 
Dr. YiWangMathematics
Dr. Sharon ChunWetterauSocial Work
Mr.GeorgeWingKinesiology and Recreation 
Dr. ZhengYangPublic Administration 
Dr. CarolynYarnallMathematics
Dr. ShengYiAccounting, Finance and Economic 
Ms.EllieZenhariArt and Design 
Dr. MengZhaoManagement and Marketing 
Dr. LiudongZuoComputer Science
DIP Eligibility List 2022-2023
Dr.YannAbdourazakouManagement and Marketing 
Dr.ArekArakelianAccounting, Finance and Economics
Dr.TerriAresSchool of Nursing
Dr.HugoAsencioPublic Administration
Dr.MariaBarbosaSchool of Nursing
Dr.KelliBeardGraduate Education 
Dr.MohsenBeheshtiComputer Science 
Dr.Jennifer LeeBrandtWomen's Studies
Dr.GwenBrockmanTeacher Education 
Ms.MicheleBuryArt and Design 
Dr.TheodoreByrnePublic Administration
Dr.Mary LouCappelKinesiology and Recreation
Dr.Louis MarkCarrierPsychology
Dr.CaroleCastenKinesiology and Recreation
Dr.Randolph CramerCauthenEnglish
Dr.AmlanChatterjeeComputer Science 
Dr.MariselaChavezChicana/Chicano Studies 
Dr.ScottCheathamKinesiology and Recreation
Dr.Chi-WenChenInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr.AnneChoiInterdisciplinary Studies 
Dr.Hee KwangChoiBiology
Dr.EdwardChuInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr.WilliamDe LucaTheatre Arts and Dance 
Dr.GloriaDel RosarioAccounting, Finance and Economics
Dr.PrakashDheeriyaAccounting, Finance and Economics
Dr.DavidDixonPolitical Science 
Dr.SusanEinbinderSocial Work 
Dr.KirstinEllsworthArt and Design 
Dr.NancyErbeNegotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding 
Dr.MichaelErnstKinesiology and Recreation
Dr.KateEspositoGraduate Education 
Dr.MohammadEyadatInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr.SalimFarajiAfricana Studies 
Dr.YeseniaFernandezGraduate Education 
Dr.KittyFortnerGraduate Education 
Dr.MichaelGalantModern Languages
Dr.JustinGammageAfricana Studies 
Dr.LindaGoldman-LevineSchool of Nursing
Dr.BenitoGomezModern Languages
Dr.Mara LeeGraysonEnglish
Dr.Mary MedinaOccupational Therapy
Dr.Jenney HallInterdisciplinary Studies 
Dr.KamalHamdanTeacher Education 
Dr.JianchaoHanComputer Science 
Dr.LynnHarris-HendersonSocial Work 
Dr.IvonneHeinze BalcazarModern Languages
Dr.NyoraHiggsSocial Work 
Dr.DavidHoopesManagement and Marketing 
Dr.EricHwangOccupational Therapy
Dr.CenapIlterAccounting, Finance and Economics
Dr.AlirezaIzaddoostComputer Science 
Dr.BrianJarrettNegotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding 
Dr.AnupamaJoshiChild Development
Dr.JamesKatzensteinManagement and Marketing 
Dr.Jian-YuKeInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr.BarbaraKennedySchool of Nursing
Mr.Jim KevilleArt and Design 
Dr.Karin KramBiology
Dr.ElenaKulikovPublic Administration
Dr.Sarah LacyAnthropology 
Dr.Tri HuuLeHuman Services
Dr.DonisLeonardTheatre Arts and Dance 
Dr.Kelin LiSociology
Ms.WeiMaUniversity Library 
Dr.AngelaMaciasLiberal Studies 
Dr.MichaelManahanAccounting, Finance and Economics
Dr.AdrieanMancillasGraduate Education 
Dr.AndridiaMapsonSocial Work 
Dr.Clarence MartinPublic Administration
Dr.JoseMartinezAccounting, Finance and Economics
Dr.Elexia ReyesMcGovernTeacher Education 
Dr.DaleMuellerSchool of Nursing
Mr.MarkMullerOrthotics and Prosthetics
Dr.MatthewMutchlerHealth Sciences
Dr.PaymanNasrClinical Science 
Dr.Celene (Claudia)Navarrete AguilarInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr.ThomasNormanManagement and Marketing 
Dr.Irene OsisiomaTeacher Education 
Ms.Dana OspinaUniversity Library 
Dr.Lauren OutlandSchool of Nursing
Dr.Maria Terry PeraltaOccupational Therapy
Dr.Phu PhanHuman Services
Mr.ThomasPhiloUniversity Library 
Dr.Wai Yan PongMathematics
Dr.HamidPourmohammadiInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr.FynnwinPragerPublic Administration
Dr.John PricePhysics
Dr.VivianPriceInterdisciplinary Studies 
Dr.KimberleyRadmacherChild Development
Dr.Serban RaianuMathematics
Dr.NopRatanasiripongSchool of Nursing
Ms.DorisResslTheatre Arts and Dance 
Dr.PamelaRobinsonGraduate Education 
Dr.MonicaRosas-BainesStudent Health and Psychological Services
Dr.SalvatoreRussoPolitical Science 
Dr.JeffreySappTeacher Education 
Dr.MyronSheuInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Dr.SariSilvanto-RyanManagement and Marketing 
Dr.AshishSinhaEarth Science and Geography
Dr.HakjoonSongAccounting, Finance and Economics
Dr.MelissaSt. JamesManagement and Marketing 
Dr.CarolSullivanGraduate Education 
Dr.RuiSunPublic Administration
Dr.Sarah TaylorAnthropology 
Dr.ElviraTellerInformation Systems and Operations Management 
Mr.CharlesThomasAccounting, Finance and Economics
Mr.DevonTsunoArt and Design 
Dr.John VanderhoefCommunications
Ms.WendolynVermeerUniversity Library 
Dr.GeorgeVinovichDigital Media Arts
Dr.Sharon Chun WetterauSocial Work 
Mr.GeorgeWingKinesiology and Recreation
Dr.BingXuManagement and Marketing 
Dr.ZhengYangPublic Administration
Dr.ShengYiAccounting, Finance and Economics
Ms.EllieZenhariArt and Design 
Dr.MengZhaoManagement and Marketing 
Dr.BenZhouKinesiology and Recreation
Dr.LiudongZuoComputer Science 
FAQ’s for Sabbatical Leave and Difference in Pay Leaves

What is the difference between a Sabbatical Leave and a Difference-In-Pay Leave (DIP)?

  • A Sabbatical Leave is a full paid leave at one semester or one-half salary at two semesters, whereas a DIP Leave is partial pay for one semester or two semesters (see calculation below for DIP Leave).
  • A faculty unit employee must have full-time continuous service for six (6) years prior to taking their first Sabbatical or DIP Leave.
  • Eligibility for a future Sabbatical Leave is six (6) years after any previous Sabbatical Leave or Difference In Pay Leave.
  • Eligibility for a future Difference In Pay is (3) years after any previous Difference In Pay Leave or Sabbatical Leave.
  • The Leaves and Honors Committee reviews all Sabbatical Leave applications.
  • The Department RTP Committee reviews the DIP Leave applications.

When might someone opt for a Difference in Pay instead of a Sabbatical Leave?

Someone might opt for a DIP Leave when a faculty unit employee is afforded an unexpected opportunity, such as external funding, a scholarship, or fellowship.

How is a DIP calculated?

A standard monthly rate is used for the minimum instructor salary from the CSU Salary Schedule. That monthly rate is $4,229. Below is a sample monthly base salary. Please make sure to use your monthly base salary to calculate your DIP.

See the example below for the Difference-in-Pay calculation:

Monthly salary of T/TT faculty - $6,500

Minimum Instructor Salary - $4,229

DIP Salary- $6,500-$4,229= $2,271 per month (6 months for AY faculty taking a one-semester DIP) (12 months for AY faculty taking a two-semester DIP)

Can I accept additional employment while on a Sabbatical or DIP Leave?

A faculty unit employee on Sabbatical Leave shall not accept additional and/or outside employment without prior approval from the President (Article 27.18).

A faculty unit employee granted a Difference In Pay Leave shall not accept additional and/or outside employment without prior approval from the President (Article 28.14).

Am I expected to work or serve on a committee while on a Sabbatical or DIP Leave?

There should be no committee service or instruction while on leave.

Can I defer my original Sabbatical or DIP Leave if I cannot take my leave as initially planned?

A Sabbatical or DIP Leave may be deferred up to one semester but should not go beyond one academic year. Our office has a form on the Faculty Forms and Documents ( website.